In this increasingly complex business landscape, our commitment to diversity is one of AIT’s core values.

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As a company, we’ve been providing top technology talent to global companies since 2003. Whether it’s advising technology leadership, managing a team of developers, or staffing a project, AIT captures two simple beliefs that ensure top performance at each and every project: commitment to our people and devotion to the achievement of the client.

Global organizations realize that they have many options when it comes to addressing their challenges. However, only the top business leaders will be able to sift through the noise and identify the best and most cost effective results in the market to help companies succeed. At AIT, we are extremely dedicated to staying on top of technology trends, identifying new resources, and studying how businesses operate most effectively with the use of technology. Having said that, AIT has a strict focus on finding, acquiring and retaining only the best resources that will be great not only for one client, but for each and every company we work with. This hiring practice in itself is a testament of commitment to our people and the overall success of our clients.

If you haven’t had the opportunity yet to work with AIT, I encourage you to reach out to myself, or one of our staff. Like all of our clients, you’ll be sure to receive the best customer service, and most importantly, the direction and focus needed to make your technology and business project a victory.

Best regards,
Pinky Mishra